Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Downfall With Chocolate

Love the blue sky. We have some here, too, when it isn't raining, snowing or sleeting. Definitely a lot of wind throwing the clouds around - wish the lilacs were blooming, so the whole house would smell of them.

I am trying to use up all my little bits of tea, since I have packed away a number of my larger amounts. I am in that stage of "oh just stick it in a box and let's be done" as far as moving is concerned.

I found a lone teabag of Numi's Chocolate Puerh, so I decided to have that. There wasn't a lot of scent, but what there was I could only describe as a faint sharp sweetness. I brewed it for 3 minutes with boiling water and while it was brewing I almost threw it out untasted. There was a nice chocolate smell, but underneath it smelled like something rotting. I don't suppose my reading a book on forensic anthropology helped in that regard. However, I decided that I would just ignore the smell and carry on with the tasting. All I can say is the taste was better than the smell, but not enough for me to have more than a few sips. Just not a good blend. I have had others, which did somewhat the same blend but were much much better.

Happy Almost Last Day of April. The day after tomorrow, May Day used to be celebrated with baskets of flowers hung on your friends' doors and dancing around a May Pole, twining ribbons on it. Then the Communists made it their day and celebrated with tank and weapons' demonstrations. I think I like flowers and ribbons and a tea party better. We all need some "pretty" in our lives and need to slow down and appreciate the good things. So tomorrow, hunt out those baskets and flowers and ribbons and get them ready for the 1st.

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