Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Red, White and Blue

The Aar river in Switzerland. If you kinda squint, there is a cow in the
left middle. I think the snow-covered mountain is the Monch, aka the Monk. The Aar, by the way is a favorite of crossword puzzlemakers, for filling in those awkward spaces.

Another day, another Simpson and Vail tea. They can be found at www.svtea.com This one is called Patriot's blend and it is a mix of their American Breakfast Blend (Indian and Formosan) with the addition of raspberry and coconut pieces and some blue cornflowers thrown in to make a red, white and blue statement. The dry tea is, of course, quite attractive, with small leaves. It doesn't have much scent, other than fresh tea. I brewed it up for 3.5 minutes with boiling water and that had little scent, as well, although I thought I smelled a bit of cinnamon. It is a medium amber brew and it tastes like... tea, with a slight fruitiness. For me, it was kind of bland, because I used too little. That was yesterday and today I used more and it was much better. It is not a nuanced tea, but it is a pleasant everyday tea. It is milder than I really like for black tea and I am sure it would be ideal for those who like those.

Hot again today. Phoo, I want real spring.

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