Friday, April 16, 2010

Yay, New Tea Shops

Ballenberg - this magnificent altar is in the tiniest church imaginable. I don't think you could fit 20 people in it. It is splendid. The church makes you want to put it in your pocket and take it home.

I've hardly had time to do anything fun or drink any new tea the past few days. We've speeded up packing and taking stuff to our new house, plus all the rigamarole to accept an offer, get the house inspected, all the work things related to moving.

We were in our new town today and decided to check out the coffee and tea shop and it is pretty darn good. They offer Harney's sachets and blends from a local tea store across the street. The blends change weekly and this week's did not appeal, so I had Harney's Earl Grey. It was a pleasant surprise. Very smooth, very well blended, with an obviously good base tea. I really enjoyed it. They also had homemade raspberry scones – my favorites and that was also delicious. Coffee man found a dark brew he liked, so we were all pleased. Next time I am going to check out the tea shop and see what they have to offer. I would've today but when we finished our drinks, it was raining and the umbrellas were, of course, elsewhere.

I just got a new Harney's catalog, so I may have to break my rule and get some of their Earl Grey. But I really want some of Upton's, too and maybe I had better just wait until we move, like I swore I would. The other awful temptation is that yard sales have started up already and there may be teapots there, calling my name, not to mention other tea paraphernalia.

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Kathy said...

Try the Earl Grey Creme made by the Art of Tea. I've had the Harney's which is good, but the Art of Tea comparatively is tastier, livelier, and has no astringency.