Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dreamin' Tea for Paradise

Just another pretty day in paradise. Which it is here, as well. All the daffodils are blooming, as well as one very pathetic hyacinth - but it smells nice.

Speaking of which, I am having a delightfully smelling, tasting and
looking tea. This lovely creation is Indigo Dreams, handcrafted by Madam Potts, who kindly sent me a sample. It is composed of Jasmine spiral buds, lavender, jasmine flowers and violets, so there are several shades of blues, creamy white and very soft gray green in the mix. I love both jasmine and lavender, so I was really excited to see how they would go together. Very well!There is the sharp scent of the lavender overlain by the soft sweetness of jasmine. I brewed it up at about 180 for 2 minutes. At times it smelled like one flower and then the other. Interesting. The light amber brew was just plain delicious. Definitely lavender, but just as definitely softened and sweetened with the jasmine. I think the latter wins out in the scent department. After we move, I am planning to get some of this. You can too, by going to Madam Potts' blog sitesite and clicking on Personaliteas and then Signature Blends. Make sure you read her blog while you're at it. More quickly you can go to the tea site PS I let this cool completely and it was so good. The jasmine came through more. So, this would also be a great tea for the summer. Wonder what a small sprig of mint would do? Hmmm

I have made a vow not to buy more tea until we are in our new house. Speaking of which, the first people came to see this house last night and are making us an offer tonight, oh my. I hope it is a good one, it is really, really wearing on me to be kind of hopping on one foot and then the other in some sort of anxious dance. We are so clean and absolutely tidy I can hardly imagine it. The cats have just gone outdoors in disgust, hoping no one decides to vacuum the yard or dust their ears off again!

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