Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love and Lemons

That, my friends, is called barrel vaulting. It is in a Swiss church and it is part of the perfect acoustics the building possesses.

Yesterday I was reading the Tea Musings Blog. Cha Sen was remembering her grandmother's special tea pot. It made me remember the two teapots I have that are special, one from my grandmother Feuz and one from my mother-in-law, Josie. Both of them are small cheap things. My grandmother's is a little brown pot, with some flowers on the side and a lid in pieces, which I very carefully put together, just so. Josie's is a thatched cottage. I also have Josie's spaghetti/bread raising pot. For her, cooking and eating was the great circle of love. When I see or use these things, I am reminded of love given and received. These battered items and others I have “for remembrance” as my husband's aunt, Zizi would say, are very precious. They are roots and ground, they are real in the way the battered Velveteen Rabbit became real – when he was loved enough. Please tell me some of yours!

I came across something a while ago that I thought I would try. When I saw it, the True Lemon Store was giving away samples. Mine just arrived. They are packets of dried, crystallized orange, lemon and lime juices. I tried both the orange and lemon in cups of tea and they are super! Very fresh and tasty and one packet is plenty for a mug of tea. You can also use them in other things. They say you can find them in supermarkets, next to the sweeteners. I haven't looked yet, but if you can't, their web site is and it tells you the stores that do carry them, or you can buy them on line.

There is no tea tasting today as we are getting ready for the first showing of our house. We are scrubbed and tidied to a fair thee well. I wish it would last, but with 2 slobs and 4 cats, it isn't a good bet. Tomorrow will be easier.

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