Monday, April 19, 2010

Unwinding Tea

Market Day in Berne, Switzerland, the only place you can get really good Swiss cheese. The stuff in the stores is kind of on a par with American cheese slices.

I had tea in our new house today, while we were waiting for a furniture delivery. I had some Twining's Irish Breakfast, which I expected to be strong. It wasn't and it didn't taste really good either. However, I had nothing to measure with, no filter for the water and no timer, so I don't think it is a fair trial. It was only by chance I had a cup. It is rather fine CTC style, (little chopped up bits) so I tried to do something around 2 minutes. I am not really going to review it, as it wouldn't be fair. When I have the “right” stuff I'll try it again. I am so excited – I have a bunch of drawers deep enough to hold my tea so it won't be all over the place. They even have some doodad on them so they automatically shut.

As I was unpacking the Twining's tea order, I saw that they had put in some teabag samples, so I will review one of those. It is called Herbal Unwind, which I have to say I feel the need of. It includes cinnamon, citrus, hibiscus, rosehips and rosepetals. Of course, it has a long list of other herbs, so we'll see how it tastes. Y'all know I'm not really a fruity herby tea person, but I do need to relax and unwind or one of those other “un-” words. So I had it.

Dry, the cinnamon made me sneeze, but it smelled very nice. I brewed it for about 5 minutes and it was a very dark red – hibiscus strikes again! It was pleasant and the cinnamon was comforting, but to tell you the truth it just seemed like a really smooth Red Zinger with a lot of cinnamon. If you like RZ, you'll like this as well. I can imagine a lot of people would like it but it's not my brew. I really like my tea to be simple, which is odd as two of my favorite cuisines are Mexican and Indian and both can have a looooong list of spices in their sauces. People are peculiar.

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