Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gingerbread Bears Are Better

Our lawn got mowed for the first time yesterday. I was kind of sorry to see that happen, as we have lots of violets this year and an abundance of pretty little rock cress. They are the very simplest of flowers – 4 white to pale pink petals, the whole flower only about 1/4 inch across. The ornamental crab and pear trees are in bloom and the tent caterpillars are being their usual obnoxious selves.

Between our current house and the new one is the most peculiar golf course. It looks like a convoy of dump trucks filled with dirt pulled in, dropped their loads, and left them as is. A few have flattened tops, for the greens, but the rest are just little hills. Very odd.

My new next door neighbor just informed me that a large black bear was sauntering through our yards to eat her woodpecker suet. Bears and coyotes and birds, Oh My!

By now you are probably wondering if this woman is ever going to get to the tea. I am, I am, here goes. I found a sample of one of Adagio's Christmas teas, Gingerbread, in my packing frenzy and it sounded good – I was in the mood for a sweet. Talk about truth in packaging! From the first whiff out of the tin to the last bit from the pot, it is gingerbread. A very mild and not too sweet confection, with pieces of what looks like dried ginger in it. I brewed it at 1 teaspoon for 3.5 minutes in almost boiling water. I think maybe an added half teaspoon would've been more to my taste. I also thought a bit of cream and sugar made it better and I also liked it with a bit of honey. A nice tea for an afternoon with cookies, either making or eating them. And for weary packers who need a pick-me-up!

If this sounds like your cuppa, start checking with Adagio, around Nov 15, so it will arrive before Christmas. I didn't and got mine for New Year's. One hopes I learned.

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