Saturday, April 24, 2010

Especially for Me

Part of the Sonnenberg. There are 2 palaces facing each other
across this garden. Guests stayed in one and the royal family in the other. In the far distance is Stephansdom, St. Stephen's cathedral.

Oh boy, did I need a tea break this morning. I woke up just fine, but by 11 I was practically asleep. I still had a Simpson and Vail black tea sample, so I got it right out. This one is their Special Blend, a signature blend of theirs. It is made from Ceylon and Indian teas and is primarily twisted black leaves with some gold and some stems. I brewed it with about 1 teaspoon for 3.5 minutes with boiling water.

I brewed t a bit too long as it was beginning to get tannic, but it was still very nice. As it brewed it gave off an oaky, nutty scent, very fresh. It was much milder in the cup than I expected, even given the extra brewing time. It had kind of a creamy texture and a tiny bit of floral. It really reminded me of a very nice Breakfast tea and I could see making this one of my wake-up blends.
This is not a great tea, but it is a very good one of its class. I wouldn't have to think about its nuances or anything like that, just enjoy drinking it. I liked it best with some half and half. I have to have black tea in the am. Green or Oolong doesn't make it for me. In the afternoon, especially if I am only having tea, I like the others. Or even if I have a cookie or scone.

I made the tea very strong, so I decided to do a second wash of the leaves for 3 minutes. My husband said it was weak, but quite good. Normally black tea doesn't do second infusions, but I guess I was so exuberant with the first lot, there was enough left for another.

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Steph said...

I'm having one of those days, too! :-)