Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Honey of a Tea

One of my favorite photos. It is of Karl's Kirche in Vienna, around sunset.

Today, my friends, I seem to have more of a brain; at least enough to make tea and drink it with some appreciation.

The tea in question is Honey N' Cream from the Assam Tea Company.It is from the Satrupa Tea Estate and is billed as "bolder broken leaf black tea". I can't see it, it looks like standard CTC to me. CTC usually looks like grains of coffee and pretty much stays that way - no unfurling leaves, no un-twisting, what you see is what you get. After I had brewed it for 3 minutes with boiling water, the little tea bits looked a small tad looser, but that's it.

This is really a nice Assam. Very smooth and mellow, it has a bit of maltiness, a bit of sweetness, a lot of freshness. Adding cream surprisingly seems to bring out more briskness, but very nicely. True to it's name thee was a honey taste but not that cloying sweetness you get with the actual stuff. This goes very nicely with food such as grilled cheese or peanut butter cookies. it compliments them without being overwhelmed. Good stuff.

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