Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Asleep at the cup

More Viennese Royal housing.

I had the best of intentions to discuss more of the Assam samples from the Assam Tea Company. I brewed one up and company arrived and then I had to take the Ernster [Ernie] to the vet. I drank the tea, thinking, hmm, this is nice and smooth, not even thinking about it being a sample and that was that. Talk about brain dead - that's me! I'll try again tomorrow.

One of my fellow tea bloggers passed on that it has been about 117 degrees in Delhi, India - something that has not happened in over 60 years at this time of year. Delhi, for those whose Indian geography is weak, is in the far North Central part of the nation. At about the same latitude as Darjeeling, although it is not at as great an elevation. It seems the weather and the earth itself are very unsettled this year, with it being too cold, too hot, too wet or dry, earthquakes all over the globe. Not an easy time for farmers of any sort or other folk living in the hardest hit areas.

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