Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thunderbolt Reprise

Oh, to be in the sun, under a tall palm tree! It is cold and miserable
here, perfect weather for staying inside with tea.

Today I am trying Thunderbolt Tea's 2nd Flush Arya Estate SFTGFOP1 for the second time. The last time, the beginning of February, I think I over brewed it and it tasted mostly like tomato soup. This time I was very careful to reduce the water temperature to 200 degrees and the brewing time to 2.5 minutes. I was rewarded with a lovely cup of tea that was slightly woodsy but somewhat floral as well and altogether a very nice cup of tea.

While I was about it, I thought I might as well try another of the teas I purchased from Thunderbolt, another 2nd flush but from the Goomtee Estate in the Muscatel Valley. This is another pretty tea, with many shades of brown and some ivory buds in it. The dry tea smells of fresh corn and also a woodsy and nutty aroma mixed in. I brewed it the same as the Arya Estate and was again rewarded with a wonderful cup of tea. It was a very dark amber with a primarily that same woods and nuts as a base flavor, but a great grapiness in the back of my mouth. I love how good teas have so many scents and tastes. It really is fascinating to me how in one cup there are so many sensations.

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