Monday, March 29, 2010

Gingko and Jasmine

For some reason, the Blogger has decided not to upload any photos today, so we'll just be plain.

Oh dear, how many favorites can one person have? I think I have found another favorite Jasmine. This delight is a sample given to me by another Tea Blogger and store owner, Gingko, who owns Life in Teacup, at . Even the name of the tea is wonderful – Snowflakes on Green Lake. Also known as Bi Tan Piao Xue in Chinese. This year's supply should be arriving in April. The dry tea is a pretty green with lots of dried jasmine blossoms. This is unusual, as jasmine tea is generally infused with the scent of the flowers, and then they are removed. It smells wonderful and for a bit I couldn't decide if it was just jasmine or if there was a hint of rose as well.

I brewed it at 180 degrees for 1 minute and a second steep for 1 minute and a third for 2 minutes. The first was very very good, as the tea seemed more substantial than most jasmines, with a very satisfying flavor and aroma. The second, oh the second, was absolutely sublime, just infinitely better, more floral, more delicate. The third was beginning to weaken some, but was still really great. This very light green tea is gorgeous stuff. It's even prettier if you fish out a couple of the flowers to float in your cup.

I have several more samples from Gingko to try and if they are anywhere near as good as this one, I will be in tea-piggy heaven. You should read her blog, as well, as she always has very interesting things to say and writes about many, many teas I am not at all familiar with.

If you are interested, you might want to also check out Roy Fong's blog at He has news about this year's harvest and if you scroll down a bit, more news about the purchase of land for his tea estate. It is really exciting that there are so many new tea gardens being established or ones finally old enough to begin production.

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The link to Roy Fong's blog seems to be broken...but I found his blog here:

Thanks though...I didn't know about his blog until this post!