Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Erin go Braagh

A small cheese hut where Swiss farmers would store their cheese until it is collected by the cooperative.

Sure and Begorrah but 'tis a lovely day for the wearin' of the green and havin' a nice pot o' cabbage and taties wit' a hunk o' corned beef. I honestly have a bit of Irish in me, so I guess I can say that without getting in too much trouble. Half of me is Swiss and the other half is very mixed, from Norwegian to Mohawk Indian and lots else in between. About all I don't have is English.

In honor of the day, of course, I did have Irish Breakfast tea and I made it “trottin' mouse” strong – that is, so strong you can trot a mouse across it. Not on purpose, mind you, but I got a wee bit carried away with my measuring. I am not even sure what company I bought it from, as it is in an old tin. Nevertheless, it was very fresh and very tasty and it certainly will keep me AWAKE.

I have been reading my assortment of tea magazines and the tea news on line and I am amazed how many people grow tea. There are over 50 countries! The US now has 2 tea plantations – the older one in South Carolina and a new one in Washington state. Roy Fong of the Imperial Tea Court is in the process of purchasing land to grow tea here, also. A company in New Zeeland is growing and processing a tea they call Zealong, an Oolong they are using Taiwanese plants and expertise to manufacture. This new tea will be launched at the World Tea Expo in June, in Las Vegas. Wish I could go.

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