Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is Winter Really Over?

Still in Switzerland. If I were rich I would winter in Southern Italy and summer in the Alps. New York is pretty close, isn't it?

I could certainly tell Spring was in the air as the street cleaner blew dust all over everything, far too early this morning. We only have the cleaners when someone decides winter is indeed over and all that sand has to be scooped up. Once that is done, they go somewhere else. The rest of us aren't quite ready to trust the weather, remembering, as we do, the year we got a 3 foot snow storm on St. Patrick's day. That distrust doesn't stop us from hoping! It certainly didn't stop the two little girls down the street from blowing soap bubbles.

It hasn't stopped the tea pickers, either, as they go to work in Assam, some parts of Darjeeling and some of the more southern areas of China's tea-growing regions. Sadly, some of the northern areas got hit badly by the cold and some of the finest tea plants have been ruined, at least for this year. Weather is a hard master for farmers.

Earl Grey is one of my all time favorite teas. Hmm, I seem to say that a lot. I'm allowed. Today I tried Tippy Earl Grey from Golden Moon, which is a pretty tea, with long leaves and lots of golden buds for contrast – the tippy part. The dry scent of bergamot is almost overwhelming in such a small amount, almost raw smelling. As I brewed it the standard 3.5 minutes with boiling water, the aroma settled down somewhat and my first sips were pretty tasty. However, as we went along, it again seemed overwhelming, although some milk and sweetener tamed it. However again, I really don't like my tea sweet. This will not be my favorite Earl Grey by any means, but if you like strong bergamot, this may indeed be your cup of tea.

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Marilyn said...

Thanks for visiting me today. Bergomot is not my favorite flavor in tea unless I add milk. Enjoyed reading about your trip.