Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thai Tea

I love the colors in this old church.

I went in a different door at the library today and noticed that the door sill is an old piece of maybe limestone, or some other "soft" rock that is weathering. It has all sorts of fossil bits and worm trails in it. Really fascinating to look at. It is, of course, thousands, probably millions of years old and reminds me that this was once the bottom of an ocean.

I am a big fan of Thai food. It not only tastes great, it is always so beautifully arranged and the waitstaff are always very, very pleasant. I even like their ice tea. Not that it really has much tea in it and it is achingly sweet, but it goes with the food. Besides, I am allowed to like tea that isn't top notch – right? Of course, right! As I was packing, I came across my tin of Thai Tea. I purchased this in a Philadelphia Chinese market and the person who directed me to it was clearly not pleased that I bought Thai Tea instead of Chinese.

This particular batch is from DeDe Tea Company and I won't tell you the ingredients. Take my word for it, most are on the edge of awful and tea is way down the list. The packet said you can make it hot, so I did, using one packet per cup, with boiling water and a good stir. It is definitely bright orange and while it does indeed taste like Thai tea, I think it is much better cold, with ice and evaporated milk, at a restaurant, with food. A summer drink for sure, or at least not a hot one at home. But fun, and if it's fun, we need to do it every now and then.

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