Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peepers with my Tea

Another shot of the community building, my several greats-grandfather's
church and the orange panted street cleaner of an earlier picture.

It is a gloomy looking day today, cold, with abundant rain. But I don't mind, as we need the rain. I just hope we don't get too much, as all our creeks and rivers are full to the brim or a bit over.

The peepers are singing!!! If you don't know, these are little frogs with a high croak (a peep) who start in in early Spring, hoping to find themselves a lady-love. It is also a sign that our water is at least fairly clean, as they don't do well in water that is heavily polluted. Peepers are a reason for celebration! Now if I could only see some bright green skunk cabbage, I would know Spring is well and truly here.

One of my swap partners sent me some more Ten Ren tea bags. I was quite happy to try something different once again. Today's is their High Mountain Oolong. I was eager to try this, as in general I like high mountain teas. The bag is paper, with a gusset on the bottom for expansion and comes individually wrapped. I ignored the directions and brewed it at about 190 degrees, instead of boiling. I also only brewed it for about 2 minutes, as it began to smell “done”. This one had a definitely vegetal smell, with no overtones of floral, which was a surprise. It had a very full mouth feel. It is more roasted than I usually prefer Oolongs to be, but I liked it anyway. It seemed like a good all day tea, one you could drink a lot and get tired of it.

I have been watering a lot of plants with leftover tea. So far, none have died and some seem to be a tad healthier. That could also be due to more sun, but tea is somewhat acid and most plants like somewhat acid soil. We'll see. Do any of you use tea on your plants?

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