Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hats off to Liberteas in Fond Farewell.

This is Mieringen, Switzerland, my grandmother's home. The bell tower and old chapel. Home of meringues and Reichenbach Falls, where Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes met in a fatal fall. Except Holmes, naturally, survived to thwart yet another dirty devil.

I have sad news for you, with a little bit of good mixed in. Liberteas is going out of business. The only bit of good news is that she still has some teas in stock for sale. She makes wonderful blends, which I have reviewed here previously. I am reviewing one today and as of two days ago, she still had some left.
Potpourri looks and smells like its name – a gentle old-fashioned mix of flowers and herbs with a lovely scent. It is made from Gunpowder green tea with jasmine, roses, laurel and lemon myrtle. I brewed it at about 175 degrees for 2.5 minutes and it smelled wonderful. The real test is the taste and this passes with flying colors, as you can taste all the ingredients in a lovely mix, first one, than the other coming in. Overall, I think the lemon myrtle predominated, but that is fine with me, it tasted great! If you think you might like this, hustle on over to www.liberteas.blogspot.com and see if there is any left. You'll be glad you did.

Green tea in a green season. The grass is finally growing - all of about 1/2 inch. Cute little spears poking up to greet the sun - or the snow predicted for this week in these parts. Our creeks and rivers are very high and we watch them closely, as 4 years ago we had terrible flooding in the area. It was what is considered a 100 year flood, meaning only once in a hundred years. Except the last one was in 1935. Every 70 years still isn't bad, in the over-all scheme of things, but if you are going through it, it is awful. One year in Ohio, we had 10 inches of rain in 15 minutes. The flooding was terrible, just unbelieveable, tiny streams, only a foot or two wide suddenly had the power to sweep away buildings. We pulled together and helped each other and that was good.

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