Friday, March 19, 2010

Jasmine for Celebration

Spring, Spring, Spring. Crocuses are up! Trees along the river are budding! Hooray!

Jasmine tea has long been one of my favorites, in spite of there being so many that aren't particularly good and my taking so long to learn how to brew it without bitterness. So, I am having another one today, to celebrate Spring. I think I may have found one of the best – Golden Moon Tea's Jasmine Pearls. It smells divine, it tastes divine, and it is not overly expensive, what more can I ask for.

The dry tea is very tightly rolled balls of green and white, smelling of very fresh jasmine blossoms. I brewed it for about 2.5 minutes with water at about 175. I kept tasting it after a minute and a half to make sure I didn't brew it too long, as my sample was small. The leaves had not finished unfurling so I quickly got out another cup and added more water for a second steep. It was better than the first! With more floral coming out. This tea has a nice mouth feel, very light and delicate without being wimpy. It just is an all round great cup of jasmine tea.
I have to say that most of the teas I have had from this sample pack have been really top-notch. Good work, Golden Moon. This sampler pack is $19.95 and you get 31 samples in a handy lidded basket. The only drawback is it makes me want to buy more tea, which I really should not.

Some new teas have been added to the upper ranks of tea - Ceremonie Teas. They come in individual little black boxes with gorgeous colorful seals on them. They look very classy. The Teatropolitan blog has more info on them.

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