Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fresh Herbs for a Sunny Day

There's another mountain I'd like to put in my backyard.

Although it started out a bit grim, the sun is out once again. I went to look at my "lavender garden" - 7 plants - and it seems most survived the ground they're in and the winter. Now we'll see if they survive the spring.

This little visit reminded me of some tea I have to review, and once again a tea swap provides it . This time it is Chamomile and Lavender from Teas Etc. This is from the Etc. part, as it is a tisane, not tea from Camellia Sinensis. It is just what it says, a blend of the two herbs, with what looks like more of the chamomile. I brewed up about 1.5 teaspoons to a cup of water at almost boiling, for 5 minutes. Herbs take longer to develop their flavor than most teas. It was a messy tea, as the chamomile gave up a lot of stamens and it was hard to strain them all out. It is a very balanced blend, so that you can taste both herbs, neither of which is overwhelming. Both these herbs are known for their relaxing properties. However, I did not care for the taste, thinking it would be better in a small pillow, which I may do, and that will be pleasant at bedtime.

After the tea, I went out to see if the chamomile was up, but it is on a darker side of the house and nothing in that bed has even poked out a bit.

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