Monday, October 12, 2009

The Good Leaf yields to Tippy Yunnan

A follow-up visit to the eye doctor, another 4 hr round trip through beautiful hills alive with color - much prettier than last week as I could actually see them clearly. I saw my regular doctor's new partner and he seemed at least unbelieving and then almost disgruntled that I could see so well. Called it miraculous. Well, yes. So there. My regular doctor would've been pleased. I certainly was.
In honor of that visit I had some Japanese Cherry Green Tea from the Good Leaf Tea Company in Albany. I bought this a while ago and they don't carry it anymore, But it was excellent, smooth and full of flavor, without any of that fishy or seaweed taste that I really, really hate in green teas. More than that I won't say, as it's no longer available.

This is a young company, started about 4 years ago as a home-based business, which grew into a tiny shop in one of the indoor farmer's markets and then to a small full-sized shop on Lark St.. which is the center of the arts and entertainment community in the city. I have had several of Michelle's teas and they have all been excellent. I will review some others that I know she carries later. One of her most popular blends was put together by her then 13 yr old son. I really like it, even though I am not much of a fruit tea person.

I have never received any freebies or payment from Michelle, I just want to say "well done" to someone who cares a great deal about tea and was able to grow a business without losing quality.

My real tea of the day was the end of a tea I purchased last year from Upton's. It is their Tippy Yunnan. I decided to have that today, both because I love it and so I could compare it with the Imperial Yunnan of a few days ago. They are clearly related, smell about the same, look a great deal alike, although this Yunnan has smaller leaves, and is a somewhat darker brown with a few more tips. I brewed it the same - 1 tsp, 212, 3 min. It is, surprisingly, a deeper richer, heftier brew, but not overwhelming. I am sad to see this go, as I have loved it, but I still have almost a whole can of the Imperial, so I won't cry yet.

I guess this is a day of "followups" as the picture is of the lock to the gate of yesterday's hinges.

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