Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Six Summits Oolong

I guess I am a tea addict. If I don't have some every day, I feel deprived.
In fact, I get a "jones" for tea. Are addict and afficiando the same?
Building on my recent successes, I tried another Oolong today -
Six Summits from Teavana - part of the stash I won in a drawing. The leaves are a nice green with a bit of brown, some are crumpled, while others are almost balled. I brewed it at about 190 for 3 minutes and poured my first cup. The leaves had mostly unfurled to a range of 1/2 inch to about triple that. What a loverly scent - like Swiss flowers. It was a pale almost true lemon color. It was a very sweet floral tasting tea with a tiny bit of chalk which reminded me very much of something I have had and liked, but I don't know what - maybe Linden, maybe the nectar from sweet flowers? My second brew had almost a minty component to it. Altogether a delightful tea.
Is nothing sacred? For lunch I was making myself a nice pesto and tomato pizza when along comes the piglet - Ernie, begging, as usual. The little bugger like pesto! Something else to keep away from him. One of our big cats - all 20 lbs of him - is sitting on the porch railing, next to the bird feeder. He thinks the birds will come to eat and he can grab one - especially that annoying blue jay. Ha and Ha again. He should've learned from last year.

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