Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not much

I have had 2 days without a decent cup of tea and I am getting
cranky. It's my own fault, but...
I have been trying to get the last of the plants in before it's too late, but I am not having much luck there, either.
This week is kind of a wash-out as I am having an eye operation, which involves being away for 2 nights and driving home with a patch on my eye. I'll be staying with my cousin, so I'll at least get tea bag tea. Maybe I'll take my own. My eye doctor keeps telling me I am just unlucky - great diagnosis. This is my third cataract, plus scar tissue from my last "unlucky" visit to Dr. Stern, whom I think is absolutely one of the best. So I am cranky and tomorrow, by gorry I will have an entire day of tea and planting. So there, universe. We'll see!

Which is also one way of saying I probably won't be doing a lot of posts this week.

The photo is of a watering trough made from a tree trunk in the Swiss outdoor museum. It is one of the best things we did while we were there.

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