Saturday, October 17, 2009

Upton's Keemun and Harney's Golden Blend

I hope the blogger thingy doesn't screw up today - I lost the last half of yesterday three times before I just gave up.

Yesterday's Keemun was a sample I got from Upton's recently. I threw out my notes and I've had lots of tea since but it was their Keemun Mao Feng Superior. And that is just what it was. It was very slightly smokey, a beautiful red/amber with a very nice full taste that you could sense draining from your mouth. An odd sensation, but interesting. It was almost a light-bodied tea, but not quite. Definitely worth getting again.

Today I was trying a sample I just got from Harney's, another of my favorite suppliers. It is called Golden Blend and when it arrived last night, I just had to smell it. Such an enticing smell - like drying corn silk overlaying a bit of earth and floral. [Can you tell I grew up on a farm?] It is a blend of Fujian Province, China's Golden monkey and Assam, India FTGFOB. Very dark medium size leaves with longish golden buds. I brewed a teaspoon for 31/2 min at about 205. Next time I think I will try more tea, hotter water and maybe push it to 4 min. The brewing scent was nothing like the dry and was a disappointment as it merely smelled a bit vegetal and astringent with not much else. The tea wasn't that great either. It had about a medium body with a forward mouth feel that had a little spice, a little earth, some floral but nothing really great. I think the fault was mine and I should have brewed more leaf longer. There's always next time.
You're probably sick of our weather, but we have had a little late afternoon SUN. Yay, Yay

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