Friday, October 16, 2009

CTC and Keemun

Now just a darn minute here. It is only Oct 16. But... It snowed!

At least an inch! First there's not much of summer, now there's

not much of fall. Or sunshine. Grump, grump, grump. The people

of the Northeast are really good at grumping about the weather -

we get so much practise. However, it does make for good tea

drinking - we appreciate the warmth so much more.

This a.m. I am having some of my husband's tea. Lipton's green label CTC, from our favorite Indian grocer. It is, of course, Assam, Crushed, Torn, Cut. Little bitty bits of absolutely straightforward tea that never unfurl or seem to change shape but after a 2 minute infusion produce plain ordinary tea. Our grocer is amazed we would buy such expensive stuff - $8.00 a pound.

Something is screwy with this blog today - I just lost half of it

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