Monday, October 19, 2009

Tea Finely Brewed

Over on the Tea Finely Brewed Blog , there are some photos of one of the most difficult to reach tea houses in Asia. You really should check it out. I don't believe I'll go, I would like the view too much.

On a milder note, theTea and Coffee World Cup will be in Vienna, Austria from April 25-27. There will be symposia, cuppings, tea auctions and workshops. And, if you are a cross-drinker, the same will be true for coffee. And after that, you can explore Vienna, one of the truly cool, beautiful, clean, interesting cities of the world.
This is a very small medieval church in the middle of no place in Germany. There are only 6 windows, the largest of which is perhaps 2' by 2'. The small annex on the right is sided with small flat stones.

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