Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A crooked door to the day

About how I feel after a very long busy day - old, patched, and crooked.

On the whole tea helps, but I didn't get much today. Some of the usual
Oolong at a Chinese restaurant and my afternoon brew from the Tea Table. This was "Earl Grey Russian". It has black tea, bergamot, lemon peel, clover, cornflowers, cinnamon and calendula flowers. The dry tea has a very intense scent that is heavily citrus, dark, mysterious. The brew smells very strongly of lemon. I brewed it in my usual black tea way. It was ok. Bergamot and lots of heavy lemon from the peel, but just ok. Not unusual, not all that good. Might be better iced with sugar, although milk helped round it out, just not enough for me to get any more.

With less color to look at, I have been noticing individual colors more and appreciating them - the gold of larches and tamarisk, the rust fading to tan of the oaks, the green of the pines, a few bold, red notes of the last of the sumacs, the amazing green of winter wheat. Then, there is the understory of bright yellow ferns. A lot to see when you look.

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