Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A cold day not quite relieved by flowers

Aaargh, what an ugly day, cold, rainy, grey. Where are the crisp sunny days of Autumn - we've really only had one or two of them - not nearly enough to face all those months of grey winter. Perhaps some flowery tea will do the trick.
I have a sample of Simpson and Vail's [ http://www.svtea.com/ ] Violet Rose. I guess I'll try that. It is a black tea with rose and violet petals in it. It smells very very strongly of violets, with only a hint of rose. That is, it smells of the violet toilet water my great-grandmother used, I've not really ever thought violets had much scent. It brews up to an attractive red gold liquor, violet smelling all the way. And that is the taste - violet. There is a very small hint of rose, but not nearly enough. I don't care for it, I would prefer the rose to be far more forward and I would also like to be able to taste the tea, with the scent/flavorings as an addition.
For those of you who care about such things, The Two, kitties that is, are no longer really kitties, seeing as they now weigh over 9 pounds apiece. They are only 6 months old, what will they be like at a year? They are very pretty with dark orange coats and add a bright note to the landscape.

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