Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Russians were coming

Well. Today was a Simpson and Vail Day. Two of my 3 teas were froom them. The third was our famous "home brew", mix of tea that isn't much of a favorite. This batch is interesting - some smokiness from some old Lapsang Souchong and some citrus rom who-knows-where. Not very good hot, but really nice on ice. Quell Suprise!
The first Simpson and Vail was Russian Caravan - very inexpensive at $4.60 for 4 oz. but surprisingly tasty. A touch of smoke - all those campfires, you know a hint of China, Ceylon, India and a whiff of bergamot. Not exciting, not super, but a very nice wake up cuppa. The second was their Imperial Yunnan. Very fresh, very good quality tea, with lots of golden tips. A nice warm typical Yunnan smell - that mix of earth and wood and spice, which carried over into the taste of the golden brown liquor. This is not the best tippy Yunnan I've ever had, but is a nice middle of the road selection. Good enough for everyday and maybe Sundays, too.
The photo is of the Liebfraukirche pulpit. Those medieval folk really knew how to dress things up!

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