Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Special Teas Lemon Chiffon Surprise

To market, to market to buy a fat pig. So goes the old rhyme and so we
did, go to market, that is, but we bought no fat pigs. This is an outdoor market in Durlach, Germany. The man in the orange pants is the town street sweeper. Just think how clean we would be and how many more people would have work if we had street sweepers.

I got a very nice surprise today, a box of tea from Special Teas. A most welcome gift from a good friend for my soon-to-be birthday. Yumm. One lured me right into having some right away. I'm not a big herbal fan, except for peppermint and ginger but how can you resist Rooibos Lemon Chiffon (No. 781) Winner in 2008 World Tea Championship? I certainly couldn't and I love lemon.
Sure enough, it smelled just like lemon chiffon, very tasty. It tasted like it too and was even better when I added a bit of milk and a wee bit of sugar. Pie in your cup without calories - who could do better? My only quibble, and it is a small one, is that the chiffon part, if one can separate that out, seemed to have a bit of a "too much" taste in the back of my throat. Nevertheless, I think I will go have some more.

We have a chain of generally very large grocery stores in this area - Wegman's. I was there recently and much to my surprise they had loose leaf tea. All English or Irish - Bewley's, Yorkshire Gold, PG Tips, probably some others. I actually bought some and I have tried the Bewley's - the Irish one. My Granny Grunt would have loved it. Very strong, very forthright British tea. Perfect with milk [and sugar if you must - not me]! It didn't seem to be stale and was in a well-sealed inner bag, although that was not resealable. A good wake up tea for ordinary days, that is days when you feel ordinary, or it's too early to make a tea decision. I save my tea tasting for afternoon, as mornings do not contain a functional brain.

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