Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sugar Not in My tea

This photo is of the main street in Bacharach, Germany, a truly delightful town on the Rhine River.
Do you like sugar cubes? I do.
When I was a child my great-grandmother, Gram Turnbull, was still alive and she was a lady. She always did her work in the morning and then had a bath in the early afternoon and changed into an "afternoon" dress. Then she would have tea. I don't remember the tea, but I was enchanted by the sugar cubes. Those lovely squarish bits of sweet you could either suck or crunch, generally the latter so you could have another one more quickly. I often got caught sneaking one or two out of the cupboard. I still like them only now I like the raw sugar ones. Once in a great while I will put one in a particularly strong cup of tea and just let it slowly melt. Where I really like them is in espresso coffee, but there I will stir them and perhaps add a shot of anisette or a bit of lemon peel. I really prefer my sweets beside my tea, not in it.
When we lived in Southern Pennsylvania I was introduced to Sweet Tea. I thought I was going to die or my teeth instantly rot out of my mouth! There would be a whole cup or more of sugar in a quart of ice tea! I still don't understand how people can drink that stuff, but then I didn't grow up with it. I've heard tell that it really fills the bill with spicey foods, like barbeque. I'll take their word for it. I am sure my Indian friends would love it.
No tea today - tummy troubles

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