Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shaker Peppermints

Pull up a pew and sit down. This was the scene of the third event
of one memorable day in Vienna. First, the Vienna Boys' choir from the nosebleed galleries where you only see them on remote TVs, unless you wish to hang by your toes over the railing. Second,
the amazing Lipizzaner stallions, again the nosebleed seats, but in real time and now, a sung Mozart Mass in a gorgeous Gothic church. There was more to come! We got tired!
Today, being Tuesday, is not really a tea day. Since we have an all morning meeting that involves coffee, it is usually just easier to do that for the day. After bringing in all my houseplants this afternoon, some tea was appealing, so I made myself some peppermint I had bought at the Shaker Museum in Hancock, MA. Nothing added, just a nice soothing, warming, "minty-fresh" cup of herbal pleasure. The herbs themselves were from the remaining Shaker community in Sabbathday Lake, Maine, but they are sold in all their museums. Sometimes there are herb plants for sale, too, both of which I consider super souvenirs.
The Hancock Museum is where the famous, enormous Round Barn is located. Being a farmer's daughter I just had to see it. Although there are only a few cows and calves and assorted fowl wandering around, it was a very satisfactory experience. It is a beautiful, creative, and functional building. The Shakers were a very practical, inventive people. I have admired them for a long time and I am sorry they have almost died out.

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