Saturday, September 5, 2009

Liber-TEAS La Vert Pear

As I mentioned yesterday, I just got a shipment from Liber-TEAS. I couldn't wait to try one because they all smelled so good and are so pretty to look at. I decided to try Anne's green tea with pear - La Vert Pear [there's a bit of Franglish for you]. What a nice tea. The smell is a delicate combination of really fresh pear, [ just as if you were eating one, perhaps one a tiny bit green, so that it is not all a sweet scent, but has a very small bite, like a fresh pear off a tree], and then there is the nice earthy grassy scent of green tea. It is attractive to look at too, with some very nice almost shiney green leaves offset by pear bits and sunflower petals. As it brews there is no strong scent and in the cup there is no strong scent either, but just pleasant whiffs of pear and green. The taste is delicate, but so well rounded, all the parts melding into one really delicious whole. An excellent tea.

When this tea was throughly cooled, it had quite a different character. It was much heavier and sweeter, a bit more pear-y. The sweetness I could not pin down to a particular taste. It sort of reminded me of hard candies that don't have one identifiable taste. But it was much nicer, of better quality than that. Very interesting, still excellent. Don't know which I like better.

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