Sunday, September 20, 2009

SpecialTeas East Friesian Blend

Sunday morning and my birthday. I'm 65! How the heck did that happen?! When I am really only still 27. I remember my aunt telling me, when she was this age, that she thought my Grammie was so old when she died - at 65 -but now that she was 65 it wan't old at all! And I think so too. If I follow the family pattern, I should have another 25-35 years. Think of all the tea I will be able to drink! Pots and pots of it.

This morning I tried one of my birthday teas from SpecialTeas - East Friesien Broken Blend. It is a dark, small broken-leaved blend of Assam, Sumatran and other teas. It brews up, naturally, into a rather dark brew, with the Assam to the forefront in both smell and taste. I am really undecided about this tea. It is much lighter than I expected, as other East Friesians have been more definite and much strongeror heartier, but not tastier. I like this tea - it has grown on me through 2 large mugs worth, but I am really not sure why. Oh dear, I will have to have more to see if I can nail it down - what a hardship! And it is kitten approved! Ernie has given it two whiskers up. I have got to find more stuff he doesn't like.
The big garage sale is over and we actually made some money. But my husband is thinking of continuing it next week, when our town is having its Apple Fest. Apple everything everywhere. Last year it poured rain the whole time and it was still a great success. We even get to taste unpasteurized cider - by far the best! Apparently we can't buy it, which is really a pain

Bet you can't guess what the picture is! It's a parking garage in Sorrento, Italy

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