Friday, July 1, 2011

Life Is Bursting Out All Over

Piers in Sorrento, Italy

Yesterday was just so perfect - warm, but not hot, sunny, a small breeze. We went on a boat trip to celebrate a friend's birthday. While it was infinitely pleasant on the river, the trip was just as much improved by the sighting of a Bald Eagle and its eaglet, which is about as big as the parents. We also saw a Great Blue Heron, winging its way back to the rookery west of us.

All of our woodpeckers - the Red-bellied, the Hairy and the Downy have brought their children to the suet feeders. The little Downy fledgling seems the quickest to catch on about feeding himself. I feel very priveleged to be close enough to witness all this.

In the flower department, the double peach hibiscus is blooming and in the grocery store I saw a new orchid. It is called Blue Diamond and the individual blooms are about 5" across, white, streaked with blue, as if it had sucked up colored water. The center, where the stamens and pistol are is very dark blue with touches of an orangey red. It was quite spectacular, but looked like a fake flower. At $40 a pot, I didn't buy one and, hence, have lived to tell about it.

We had a very nice ice tea with our birthday cake yesterday, an herbal raspberry from Celestial Seasonings. A pleasant, mild flavor, lightly sweetened with Stevia. I can't really say it was all that much of a raspberry flavor, although you could tell it was a berry. It seemed just perfect for the sort of day it was and much appreciated. Although I am enamored of what might be considered the heavier black teas, I find that in the summer I really like my ice tea made from green, oolong or herbals.

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