Monday, July 25, 2011

Black Bear Bombs

A very nice goat in Meieringen, Switzerland.

Today is My 500th blog. "Who'da thunk it", to quote someone I can't remember. For me, that is incredible perseverance.

Rain, blessed rain! We have been so dry and so hot. It is still hot, but it is almost manageable. This morning we planted 2 berry bushes and the rain will settle them in nicely. To think that only a short while ago, we felt like we wer drowning.

The Tea House Times, a tea magazine that publishes every 2 months, is now on line. They also have tea courses for both pros and enthusiasts. Go to for more information on these and the other things they offer.

Looking for candy that combines your 2 great loves, chocolate and tea? Look no further, has a great selection. They have 9! tea infused chocolate bars, including chai, Early Gray green, jasmine and herbals that we often call tea, such as Mate, rooibus, and chamomile. They also carry a wide range of teas, many of which are organic.

I must say, Kitchen TLC, out in Bozeman, MT, is fast. I got my order 2 days after I placed it, with 2 free samples. I could not resist Black Bear Jasmine, which is organic, consisting of black and green teas, jasmine and vanilla flavoring. The dry tea is quite attractive, with the tea colors and the small buds of jasmine. The aroma is intense and very, very perfumey, almost too much so. I brewed 1 teaspoon at 195 degrees for just 3 minutes. It is unlike any Jasmine I have ever had. The flavor is incredibly intense and basically tastes like perfume. I did not care for it. I am going to try it again, with less tea or more water and see if that helps. At the moment, it is definitely not a winner.

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