Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not Much New

Ravenna again, the Bishop's chair. Give that man a pillow!

I just got a postcard for World Tea East, which is being held in Philadelphia in September. This is an offshoot of the World Tea Expo that is held in June in Las Vegas. I am hoping I will be able to go for at least one day. We were planning a trip to Philly this summer, anyway, so I hope this will work out.

I am pleased to see that our local tea emporium, The Briar Patch, is selling its tea in more and more of our local Owego, NY shops. This is definitely a hopeful sign. Another is our grocery store, which is selling more of the top rated tea bags, like Stash, Numi and some others I can't think of at the moment. The only loose ones they carry are Twinings, which are okay, but not top notch. Not that I would expect a grocery store to do that.

Our local Chinese restaurant has changed hands and the food is really good. Their tea, however, is bland. It is a teabag from Good Tea Bag Company and doesn't even say what kind it is. Which is ok, because I can't tell either.

Our little Downy Woodpeckers are so brave. They just keep on eating when the 3 times larger blue jay hollers at them to leave. The blue jays are too smart - they know I am inside and won't leave when I try to shoo them. So far the other bully boys haven't caught on.

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