Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tea and Weeds

Yup, another Italian church interior. I really enjoyed them.

Congratulations are due in the bird world. The Grackle children, as well as the Hairy Woodpecker child have learned to eat on their own. H.W. is chowing down like a pro. Grackle children are still screaming for food, but realize it is a lost cause. One brave youngster is trying to figure out how to get suet and seed from the feeders.

Weeding for tea lovers. This is right up our alley. If you have some pesky weeds in your sidewalk or driveway, put the kettle on, boil up a pot and go out and pour it on those pests. It will kill them, root and all and is organic, to boot. One caveat, don't do this near plants you want to keep or they will also be affected. I have done this for year and it works, even on bindweed.

The wild orange day lilies are in bloom. They are so common, no one gets too excited about them, but they were practically the only flower we grew when I was young, aside from some very sweet smelling pale pink roses. I welcome them and realize I need to get some. Abandoned acreage, here I come.

If you are still concerned about Japanese green tea and pollutants, you need to know that the government is checking it all before it comes into the country for different sorts of radioactive materials.

Today I am having a tea I reviewed before, nothing new. It is Czar Nikolas ll, which I got from . It is soo good. Very inexpensive, kind of heavy and fruity and really the best of the Russion style teas I have had, although all of Kusmi's are pretty darn good.

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Alex Zorach said...

Czar Nikolas II is a favorite of my family. I remember loving it as a kid but I tried it again more recently and was disappointed. I am not sure if I had the same kind...the one I remember before was heavily rose-scented, though. Both of the teas I tried seemed very Russian though, strong, heavy, and with a lot going on.

What weeds do you have in your garden? I love weeds...I often feel sad pulling them out, except the non-natives.