Monday, July 4, 2011

Black Tea, Green Tea, Which Shall I Have

A prettier view view of the Sorrento port,
on the Bay of Naples.

Yesterday I made some ice tea from leftover teabags from Tea Forte, about half Citrus Mint and half Chamomile Citron. I just put them in my pitcher, added cold water and stuck them in the fridge. The result is ok for mint tea, with the barest hint of citrus. Nothing to rave about, but the mint is pleasant on this very warm day. I just added some black tea and it all tastes pretty good. I really don't think Tea Forte teabags are worth their very expensive, in many ways, cost. However, I still think their loose leaf Black Current is the tops.

Today is a green day. Another offering from Blue Raven Teas, Strawberry Clouds. It does indeed smell like strawberries, with maybe a hint of rosewater or some other floral. it is quite attractive, with shades of green and what looks like black tea, accented with dried strawberries, maybe rose petals and dried apple peel?.

I brewed it for two minutes with water about 175 degrees. It is a pale amber and continues to give off the scent of warm strawberries. And that, indeed, is what it tastes like, strawberries kissed by the sun,with a mild underlay of tea. I imagine it would make a nice ice tea and that is what I am going to do with the rest of my sample.

Today we excavated holes for elderberries and rambling roses, which are all by the front fence. It is so exhausting digging huge holes in heavy soil and gravel, then filling them and mulching the plants. I hope next year we will think it is all worth it. I do love elderberries, which I am sure no one who lives in the city or suburbs even thinks about. But they make a lovely jelly and a really nice pie, as well as a pretty vinegar. They must be cooked to be eaten and need a bit of vinegar or lemon to bring out their flavor. Next comes the currants and gooseberries. I am planting berries that stores and farmers' markets don't carry, or if they do, they are horrendously expensive. Next year I will do black caps/black raspberries and maybe red or yellow raspberries.

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Jennifer said...

You sure know you berries besides all the teas. I love tea but you have me beat! Amazing knowledge you have.