Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Quartet of Curds

The ancient great bells of Meieringen, Switzerland, church.

I was very pleased to see that one of my favorite tea rooms, The Whistling Kettle Tea Lounge and Cafe in Ballston Spa, NY, is featured in an article in the newest issue of Tea Time Magazine. They really deserve mention, as everything they serve is done well and the teas they have are top notch. I gave a short review of them almost 2 years ago. If you are going to Saratoga Springs for the races or the summer music season, they are only a short drive away.

You've all heard of that wonderful cake and tart filler, lemon curd. I hope you have had some as well, it is wonderful stuff. Now there is orange curd, available from . They also have lemon, raspberry and lime curds, for $7.95. I saw they lots of other treats and recipes.

In the tea section of is an article about the dangers of Bubble Tea. There are no sources listed, so I don't know how accurate this is, and you may wish to check carefully before you trust it. I can take issue with the statement that wheat gluten may be bad for you. If so, we'd best not eat anything ever again that is made from flour.

Currently, there is a young, newly fledged Blue Jay sitting on the suet feeder, trying to figure out how to eat the suet without falling off. Oops, he needs to try again. I'm sure he will master it, Jays are very intelligent birds.

Today I am again having some tea from Gay Grace Teas in Natick, MA. It is from Kenya, Tinderet Single Estate Black. The small dry leaves smell of licorice, which changes to a roasted aroma as the tea is brewing. There is a roasted barley or corn flavor to this very dark brew, but on the whole it is on the bland side. At the same time it is hearty and sturdy. I guess there just aren't a lot of nuances. It would be a pleasant afternoon tea.

My Florida son called me at 8:30 this morning to say they were 4 hours from here and would see us for lunch - they were due tomorrow night. So I had best go finish the preparations for them. I will not be posting again until Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime, drink lots of tea and have blessed days.

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Steph W said...

Have you ever tried to make lemon cured in your microwave? It's very easy and the results freeze well,too. I blogged about it some time ago if you'd like a recipe.)