Monday, May 23, 2011

Twenty Cups of Tea

Market Day in front of the town hall in Durlach, Germany. My many greats grandfather emigrated from here in 1750.

My friend Leon, who is a well-known rosarian in NYS, is also a middle school teacher. He does something with his homeroom kids that I think is wonderful. He likes a cup of tea to start his school day and his kids asked if they could have some, too. Now all the kids have brought in mugs from home and have a cup of tea before starting the day. It's a time for community building, relaxation and just a good time. Isn't that a great idea?


I am still trying to recover my bird feeders from the bear. I am trying them in big pots filled with grave, sand and water. So far, so good. Now if I could just convince Mr. Ernesto Poosey-Kat to quit jumping up for birds, we'd be in business.

Gardening is going slowly. We only have about 4 inches of heavy clay topsoil over gravel. Oooh, hear the gardeners swear! The builder, who is a very nice man, keeps telling me that the gravel will turn to soil as the roots work it. In about a 1,000 years. He is not a gardener. Obviously

I had the sample from the Tea Table of their Yunnan Superior Golden Tips today - all buds and first leaves, all golden, very attractive. It smelled of floral, earth and spice notes.However, in the cup it was just ok, with nothing special to it. I am fairly sure this was last years, which was not a really good Yunnan year. However, their Tsarina Blend was quite good.

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