Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sun, Glorious Sun!

I liked this so much, I had to do it again.

Today is our second day of sun after 3 weeks of rain and much flooding. A lot of our road has been destroyed and while it looks as though it is being fixed, it doesn't feel that way. But the SUN is shining and I am happy to see it. I am going out in a bit to dig some holes and see if I can plant some bushes and my rhubarb. I do love rhubarb. But I don't like it with strawberries. Weird, huh?

Our little goldfinches are at the feeders all the time and they are so beautiful. They are all yellow now - the males, that is - and they sing their little hearts out. At the moment the tufted titmice are staring in the window. I try to ignore them so they will stay close.

The deer have moved more into the woods and better pastures. They will be giving birth soon and perhaps we will have some new fawns to get gooey about. They are lovely little creatures. So far, no bears have come out to eat the suet and birdseed, but they may still be hibernating.

On to the tea. Another offering from Life in Teacup, Wild Oolong. The dry leaves are very distinctive, and barely crinkled, with tiny stems attached. They give off a distinct spice smell, coupled with a sweet wildflower aroma. The first infusion was for about 1.5 minutes with almost boiling water and continued the lovely scent. It brewed up on the pale side and tasted of orchids, wildflowers and a trace of spring green. The second infusion was for 2 minutes and by now the leaves were fully unfurled and there was more of an orchid, floral aroma and taste to the pretty greeny yellow brew. A lovely tea for the Spring.

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