Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Almond Blossom Time

Amalfi from the Cathedral steps.

Oh me aching back and grubby fingernails. I have been putting in perennials this week and my body is a bit unhappy - all those muscles I didn't know I wasn't using. I also don't wear gloves unless it is to handle something prickery or nasty. They just bug me. I like to feel the soil.

This is the last garden I am starting - we've moved so much I've rarely gotten to see them come into any sort of matruity. It's very hard to constantly leave behind carefully selected plants or plants your friends have given you.

Hmm, all of a sudden we really have some green up here. Both understory and trees are leafing out. Hooray!

Today's tea I got in a swap with my new tea friend, Rene, from California. It is from the Bamboo Tea House and is their organic Almond Blossom Oolong. It smells wonderful and has slivers of almond in it. I brewed it up with water at about 205 for 2 minutes. Now it smells nutty and roasty, as this is a more heavily oxidized Oolong. It tastes nutty and dark, with just the barest, barest hint of almond blossom. It is tasty, but I think the scent and flavor would work much better with a lighter roast.

Not much action at the bird feeders today. Ernie is under a bush, pretending to be a groundcover, but they aren't fooled. Some have given him a good scolding, too. YesterdayI saw the first hummingbird. They are so amazing, with their ability to fly backwards and make right angles in flight. They don't even weigh an ounce and come up here all the way from South America!

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Bernideen said...

Sounds like garden time is finally coming. We have our last cold front tonight - I say last with faith in mind! Enjoy your tea!