Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lazing in the Spring

There will be a series of posts which somehow never got posted, due to the Blogger Thingy having a hissy fit.

In Amalfi Cathedral there was a niche with the scene of Christ being
prepared for burial. Mary and her companions and all the angels were
weeping and dressed in black. This one little cherub was just hitting
himself in the forehead. It cracked us up.

In the Sunday NY Times, there was a picture of "An unexpected peace and quiet...found in Java, a densely populated island...farmers gather tea leaves". It did indeed look peaceful, with the neat rows of tea and 2 people overlooking them

In World Tea News there is an article about the growth of Fair Trade teas - a whopping 38% over last year. This is good news - for us, because we can be assured of decently produced tea and for all the workers who will be treated better

Have you gotten any teas from this new tea year? I have to finish cleaning my cupboard first

I may not taste any tea today - my husband is cooking collards and rhapsodizing about the smell, whereas I am trying not to breathe, as I think they STINK. I think it is keeping the birds from the feeders, as well

There is such a difference between where we are and down on the river. Most of our trees have finally gotten that first flush of Spring green. Down on the river flats, the trees have real leaves and shade! Amazing.

I decided to be lazy today and just have an old favorite - Culinary Tea's Lady Londonderry. I've reviewed this before and it supposedly was Princess Diana's favorite

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