Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coconut Shy

What would picture taking be without shots from the train window? This is far eastern Switzerland. No mountains, only hills.

There are a grackle and a starling having a loud discussion over a suet feeder. Go grackles! I really dislike starlings. I don't mind this one too much, as it is only one, but a flock of them will decimate your bird feeders and leave a big mess. Speaking of which I read a book recently about bird feeding and I don't think the author really liked birds. Most of the book was about which birds were messy and which ones ate too much and how to avoid feeding messy birds.

It is a stunningly beautiful day. The sky is a perfect blue, with big puffy clouds and, ahem. ahem, SUNSHINE. It also has finally gotten green up here and the birds are singing their little hearts out.Maybe it will dry out enough to plant something soon, but not now - the lawn is squishy again.

On this fine day I am having a new tea - a sample from the Tea Table I got with my order. It is Coconut - black tea blended with coconut pieces. And I am sure there is coconut flavoring there as well, because it tastes like the coconut muffins I make when I slip up and put too much flavoring in.

It is an attractive tea, with the white fruit offsetting the dark tea. It smells wonderful, from sack to cup. I am sure most coconut lovers would like it, but it has too much falvoring in it for me, so I need to give it a thumbs down. Sigh, I was hoping. My husband loves it. We are so different in our tastes.

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Alex Zorach said...

I actually like grackles a lot; they're very intelligent, and I've seen them cooperate to protect their young and drive away predators.

I too am wary of the coconut flavor or aroma in tea. It just doesn't seem to blend with tea, for me. I love coconut, with certain other flavors. To me, it seems to go well with hot pepper and basil (as in Thai food), or with taro root (I had an interesting casserole at a Cantonese restaurant that had taro in a coconut sauce), or with sweets, especially dark chocolate (chocolate-dipped macaroons?).