Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lots of New Teas, Hurray!

Amalfi from the great porch of the cathedral. The original home of the Amalfitanos.

Beware the bandersnatch! Or the male courting grackle. His lady love is not impressed with his courting display, in fact she pecked him on the head before flying off! I thought he was impressive, but then, I am not a grackle.

If you can't go to Ceylon/Sri Lanka this year, go to and watch a neat video on the tea gardens from seedling to cup.

Bella Online has a tea forum you might be interested in. The forums are listed on the left. Choose Wine and Food and then Tea. There are recipes, chat, information, poetry, etc.

Mark T. Wendell has announced it has received its shipment of First Flush Darjeeling from the Singbulli Estate in India.

Upton Teas has several First Flush offerings, both Indian and Ceylonese. Ceylon is the former name of the island now known as Sri Lanka, off the southeast coast of India. Its teas retain the old name of Ceylon tea.

I am sure there are many, many more, as well as many green teas. We can expect the new teas to just keep rolling in from now through the late fall. The Tea Trekker has a calandar of tea arrivals on their blog.

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