Monday, November 28, 2011

Java is Not Always Coffee

All you skiers who are anticipating snowfall - in Switzerland, if you go high enough, you can still ski in May!

Aah, Cyber Monday.  Check out your favorite tea venders, most of whom are having some good sales of 15-25% off, some with free shipping, as well.

We had a lovely holiday weekend.  Guests on Thanksgiving brought wine and desserts and lots of fun conversation.  Last night we invited our neighbors for a "Leftover Party" where we combined our leftovers or "made-overs" for a nice meal and again, some good conversation.  We still have leftovers, however.  I guess we'll have turkey quesadillas tonight.

No tea leftovers, however, as no one drank tea!  I have some new samples from Simpson & Vail and so, I am having Java Malabar Plantation.  The leaves are small and mainly dark brown.  There didn't seem to be much scent. I brewed a teaspoon for about 3.5 minutes with boiling water.  It gave off a very malty aroma with something like a coconut edge to it.

The brewed tea somehow tasted of wood, but there was a fruitiness there as well.  The maltiness must come from the fact that the teas grown in Indonesia are from the same type of tea plant that grows in Assam.  It is grown on the island of Java, at 4900 feet, in volcanic soil, all of which go into its flavor.

I liked it better with some cream, as more fruit came out, maybe pineapple.

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Ah, I'm going to do some shopping today!