Friday, November 18, 2011

Aah, Sweet Spice

I just can't leave this monastery, it was just so beautiful.

My friend from the Owego Briar Patch, who blends teas and was flooded out of her store, has re-opened in another town, but has the same e address . She has some very nice teas.  (I don't know why that address is not linking, it works elsewhere.)

Bigelow teas is having a "Black Friday" sale from now until November 30.  A lot of their nice gift things are about 20% off.

Finally, we are having a nice day.  It is cool, but the sun is shining brilliantly, making lovely shadows on the lawn.  I've been noticing again, the muted, but lovely palate of late Fall.  There are bits of color everywhere - the gold of Tamaracks, the greeny yellow of some bushes, the red candles of sumac and the blazing of burning bush.  There are still the bright browns of the oaks and a few beech trees.  Nature gives up slowly.

I have finally finished my Master Gardener Program.  I wish I could have attended more, as it was absolutely fascinating.  We had really top-notch people and even things like lawns were interesting.

When the weather turns cold, my thoughts, tea wise, turn to Chai.  I love the stuff, but it never seems right for the summer months.  I happened to have a sample of Samovar's Masala Chai, black tea on hand, so I brewed it up.  Their directions were quite good, but as usual my impatience won out.  I did brew it for 10 minutes ( yes, me) and it is a fine cup, with cream and sugar.  Everything in it, from cardamom to tea is organic, which is a big plus.  The dry tea smells wonderfully of cardamom, which has something of a lemony aroma.  Indeed, there were 4 fat pods in the packet.  There is not enough clove to ruin it for me - I am picky about clove - but there was lots of action from the ginger and pepper.  It was all very polite and not overwhelming.  I would say it's about a 6 on a 1-10 scale of spice.  Samovar's address is   It would be super with sweets, or a nice Indian meal.

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