Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Good Black Tea

On November 3, I reviewed a Chim Chim Tea and thought I'd share the comment from their president, in case you missed it and would like to try their tea, also:

 Thank you for tasting and reviewing our Chim Chim tea produced by Kapchebet Tea factory in Kericho, Kenya. We are proud of the quality and flavor of our tea. Our famous blend of four different grades BP1, PF1, PD & D1, is popular for its rich flavor and rich color. We would love for your bloggers to sample our tea, which we are happy to provide. They can visit our website at Happy holiday happy tea tasting.

I am doing another Chim Chim today, as well.  This is their Traditional Kenya Blend.  Immediately upon opening the packet, there is a strong fruity aroma, with a bite on the edge.  Wonderful!  It reminded me of pineapple and carambola/star fruit.  Both are sweet, both have a puckery edge.  I didn't follow directions again and only brewed it for 21/2 minutes with boiling water.  The tea is a CTC, but this time, the little pellets are a bit bigger.

At first, the dark brown liqueur smelled very strongly of a nicely roasting winter squash.  This modified somewhat into just a very pleasant fresh tea aroma.  At first I thought this was only a plain tea, but as I drank it, more nuances came out and I finally decided its smell and taste were really in the honey and pineapple line.  It is quite good with milk and sugar.  It would go with sturdier tea foods such as gingerbread, ham or beef sandwiches and would be lovely for breakfast.  There's enough to it to make you sit up and notice, but not so much so as to overwhelm a feeble morning brain.

In case you are not familiar with starfruit they are about the size of a large lemon with 5 quite tall ridges going up and down the longer sides.  If you cut the fruit across these ridges, you will have pretty, star shaped slices to decorate a fruit bowl, cake, pie, what ever strikes your fancy.  In my never humble opinion, a little is plenty, as they add a piquancy to things, but would be overwhelming in large doses.


Steph said...

I'm learning to love star fruit!

Alex Zorach said...

I find it interesting how much diversity and complexity there can be in CTC teas. I really do prefer orthodox teas but there are some interesting CTC teas out there as well. I still have two teas from this company that I need to post reviews of.

I like starfruit too, but they're something I would not want to eat regularly.