Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clean Linens and Tea

The Amalfi Coast.

Have you got tea stained linens and don’t know what to do with them? Oxiclean to the rescue. This is available in most grocery stores, and places like Walmart, Target, Sam’s Clubs, etc. I have found that if you soak the items in a solution of Oxiclean and water - the package has directions - for a few days, all or almost all of the stains will come out. It doesn’t hurt the fabric. It will not do anything for burn marks - the fabric is altered forever. It works well on other stains as well -old or new. The Oxiclean people have come out with a spray specifically for old stains as well, but I have found soaking works better, and cheaper. I found that it works well on clothes with old stains, too and some of my treasured tees are now rejuvenated.

I just got my catalog from King Arthur Flour. They have 20 or more scone mixes, pans shaped to make those nice triangles and clotted cream, double Devon cream and lemon curd to put on them. So, if this is your sort of tea goody, hustle over to http://www.kingarthurflour.com/  and order up.

If you would like a weekly tea party recipe, Dawnya Sassa at http://www.teapartygirl.com/ sends them out for free. Most of them are quite good, very tasty things. Some don’t appeal to me, but that’s just personal taste.  Signing up for them is free and Dawnya often does podcasts or has classes if you are on the mailing list.

I had the best tea! It’s from Silver Leaf Tea Company, Irish Breakfast Extra Fancy OP1. It is a mix of India and China Teas and upon opening the packet, I was struck by its deep, dark, winey aroma. The longish black and brown leaves are highlighted by golden buds. I brewed this for about 3.5 minutes with boiling water and really appreciated the good fresh tea aroma that fairly burst out of the pot. It is a very roasted aroma that reminds me strongly of all the British Isles tea. This is a very hearty tea with a tannic edge that is nevertheless smooth. It is a very satisfying tea, one that warms you to your toes. It goes wonderfully with milk and it is true to its name, being an excellent morning tea.

I can’t believe our weather. Here it is November 8 and we are finally having Indian summer. This on the heels of a week of heavy frosts. Not good for our plantings, who were all ready to go to sleep for the winter.


Heather said...

Great tip and great links, thanks!

my cup of tea said...

Thanks for sharing the tips!
Happy TEA day!

Alex Zorach said...

I've baked with King Arthur flour before, it's pretty good stuff, and they certainly have a lot of different options. I can't remember which one I used to like best for making muffins, I would only use it at home though. I baked muffins in a bakery where we'd use simple flour, although good quality.

Then I'd come home and use the good stuff to make my own muffins at home. And I'd always cut the sugar to one-third, and add more fat, because that's how I like it. =)

I also got to enjoy the warm weather here. By today it's cooled off considerably though, and they're calling for frost tonight. But my intuition is that there may not be a frost tonight. We'll see.