Monday, November 14, 2011

Grumpy Gertrude's Tea and Tea Swap

Same monastery, huge rosemary.  I would be jealous, but I was in a monastery!

Aaargh, as Charlie Brown would say.  Do you ever have those days when you really "shoulda stood in bed?"  Well, this one is mine.  I woke up crabby, warning my husband to steer clear of me.  Early sunshine gave way to clouds and not much has gone right since.  I am going to have some tea in the hopes that some sort of joy can be restored.  I did manage to get a number of Christmas presents on line, so all is not lost.

 I am going to make my tea in my new pot that I got at the big day on Saturday.  It is the prettiest aqua.  I saw it as soon as I walked into my favorite store.  It didn't hurt that it was 1/2 price.  The other nice thing was I've been looking for a slanted end spatula for my frying pans for about 15 years and that was there too.  I have one I 've had since we were married 38 years ago and I am always afraid it is going to break.  I can rest a bit easier, now.  I should count my blessings, big and small and not fuss.

 I am having Eiffel Tower, a vanilla flavored black tea from Blue Raven Teas.  Yup, smells like vanilla.  Himself will like this, vanilla fan that he is.  Hmm, this is a much better vanilla than most I've tasted, which I usually really don't like.  This almost moves into the good cake or cookie department.  I brewed it for about 3.5 minutes at 212 degrees.  It seems very sweet to me, so I definitely would not add sugar.  With cream added, it ismuch more rounded.  I still wouldn't buy it for me, but it is well done.

My new pot is a sweetie, very well-mannered - no spitting or dribbling.

Another reminder about the tea swap.  Go to or email me from my profile page. It's fun!

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